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Tips for Caring for yor piano - Piano cleaning

Ok, this is the most common question that comes up. What are some good tips to make sure my piano stays in great shape? First and foremost - have your piano tuned regularly. We suggest a professional piano tuner come out about twice a year. Be careful however to not over-tune your piano. Twice is more then enough for a home piano. Ask your technician for suggestions.

When the technician does come up ask them if they include regulation as part of the service. Many do if you just ask. Regulation or Action Regulation is necessary to having a well responding piano. In simplified terms regulating the action ensures the piano keeps its sound and touch uniform like when you first bought it.

We suggest getting a minor touch-up regulation at each tuning and a full regulation every 3 to 5 years. Do-it-yourselfers need not tamper with the insides. This is not an at home project. Regulation and tuning requires professional attention by a piano technician with training and experienc..

Some of the biggest problems with pianos going out of tune frequently occur because of irregular temperatures and change in humidity. Keep your piano away from heat vents and registers. If you live in a climate that is very dry - you may look into purchasing a humidifier - while very humid climates may require a dehumidifier.

We have 4 children in the home so our glossy, shiny piano is already under attack. No matter how hard you try inevitably your piano will succumb to the terrors of children. We never however discourage children from jumping up to the bench and banging out a few notes. Slamming the keys by a child will do no more harm then a concer pianist flowing through the climax of a powerful classical. We do teach however that the piano is a "special" instrument that need not be climbed or jumped off of.

Of course don't put any soda cans or other items that could condensate moisture onto the pianos varnish. You'll wish you had not. Finishes are expensive to fix especially glossy ones. We leave a cloth runner on the top so books with metal ring bindings don't scratch the top of the piano. I've heard of folks using separate cloths for the black and white keys although I've never worried about it.

To clean the piano - use a damp cloth. Some furniture polishes can actually ruin a pianos finish. Consult your local piano dealer for the right type of cleaning agents. We have one of those rainbow feather dusters to push the dust off the keys and sides of the piano. You may have to dust daily or more depending on your climate and area. We have dust build up on our piano daily as it creates a static that attracts dust - oh well!


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