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Types of Pianos

Q. What kind of piano do I own?
A. There are basically two types of pianos that fall into two types of categories, but we'll break it down even further so the next time someone asks you what kind of piano you have, you can answer with confidence.

There are Uprights and Grands. Take a look below.

Spinet Console Studio Upright Grand/Player
35-39" 40-44" 45-48 " 49+"
(notice the legs at the bottom not attached) (again-legs not attached, taller than spinet) (legs attached at bottom-taller than console) (this is our old piano was a player-basic old upright grand)
Baby Grand Boudoir 3/4 Grand or SemiConcert Concert Grand
5' and under 5-6' 6,5-8" 9'
(smallest of grands) (longer than baby grand) (now you're getting big) (and the LARGEST of all)

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